Epping Fire Department


The Boot Fund Drive on Route 125 between 3PM and 8PM on September 21, 2001 raised

           $ 7,258.50          


Which will be sent to 

The September 11 fund

 in care of the United Way.

Seven-Thousand Two-Hundred Fifty Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents

An average of  $1,451.70 per hour for the 5 hours


almost $ 25.00 per minute.

 from passers-by, on one road, in one little town in America,

 a long way  from that spot in New York City.

 And so it is happening in many, many little towns and in cites, by truly hurt and caring people,

 some with fond memories, and  many who have never even visited New York City.


Thanks to everyone who donated ! 


A passing thought for the terrorists





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