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Epping Fire Department

Statement of interest in holding an officer’s position

For May 1999 to May 2000

The Fire Chief, on a yearly basis, appoints officers. To do this, the Chief appoints the Assistant Chief. With input from the Assistant Chief, the Chief appoints the Deputy Chief. For each level, input from all officers above the rank being filled is considered. The appoint is for a one year period and being appointed in a previous year does not necessarily indicate that the same person will be appointed in the following year.

An officer must have a desire to hold the office, be well trained, have firefighting experience, have leadership skills and have time to dedicate to the department. The Chief has a responsibility to the townspeople to fill officers positions based upon the belief that the appointee is the best candidate to do the job effectively. It is a business-like decision where friendships, social and political standing are not considered in the selection process. Remember that this is not a popularity contest. It is a search for well skilled people who are willing to extend extra effort for a year to improve an organization that exists solely to help and protect the townspeople.





Current Rank:




Years In Fire Service:




Years In Current Rank:






Please number the positions for which you have an interest. Put a 1 (one) next the position you think you would best fit. Put a 2 before the next best position, etc. You may indicate a single position, multiple positions or all eight positions for which you have an interest. They must, however, have number indicating the order in which you believe you skills match the job.


Assistant Chief ( C2 )


Deputy Chief ( C3 )






Mechanical Operations Captain


Mechanical Operations Lieutenant






Fire Suppression Captain


Fire Suppression Lieutenant






Tactical Operations Captain


Tactical Operations Lieutenant

List any special skills, experience or training that you feel will help you operate as an officer effectively. (You may continue on back or attach pages)




For what particular function of the department would you like to become responsible? (For example: SOPs, Training, Equipment, Inventory, etc)





You may attach any documents that you think will indicate your ability to fulfill the duties of the office.

(End of statement of interest)